I  had heard about blogging and had to see what it was about.  So I checked out some of the sites and read what people were saying.  I soon realized that everyone is a poet, a writer,  critic, news reporter, story teller,  and comedians. People talk and write about everything that you can think of.

I finally decided I could write a blog myself,  it could not be that hard. First I had to decide what I would write about.  I had all kinds of ideas, and I did not want to be one of those that write about nothing. So here I  am writing my first blog about blogging.  What a way to start out. 

I remember many years ago when I was in grade school, one of the teachers got the class in to writing to a pen pal somewhere across the world. I had written letters to family members but never to someone that i did not know. What was I going to write.  I wrote a couple of times to my pal but after a while I got no letters back. I thought that maybe I was boring  to write to, or maybe my pal could not understand my letters or writings. I wonder if anyone still writes to pen pals?

Now we have the Internet and the whole world is our pen pal. My how we have come along ways since then and it is still changing daily. I wonder what new type of letter writing  and communication we can expect in the future.