As we worry if we will be the next person to get the swine flu, I wonder how they came up with the name for the swine flu. They say it does not come from eating pigs (swine) but who really knows for sure.

I then thought how cool would it be to have a flu named after me.  I could be a flu, heck people tell me, that they are sick of me all the time.  So if I make them sick,  I might as well make them sick with the flu. So from this day forward I will be known as Klugster’s Flu.

Know I have to figure out what symptoms people will have with Klugster’s Flu. So I need to figure what are the characteristics of my self. Where do I begin.  Well I am hard working sometimes, make that most of the time. I can be a little lazy sometimes but we will call it being tired, it sounds better. I sweat when I work hard, I am hardly ever cold. I can be funny and sometimes irritable. I like to watch TV and  drinking beer while feeding my  face and farting and belching comes  very natural.

So the symptoms for Klugster’s Flu are being tired, sweating, sometimes but rarely being cold, slight mood swings with a desire to be a couch potato with bad case of dry mouth and munchies while farting and belching at the same time.

As they say with any flu that you should get plenty of rest and drink liquids and always feed the flu. With that said then the remedies for Klugster’s Flu are to avoid all types of work. This prevents the being tired and sweating and mood swings. For the dry mouth drink all the liquor that you want. For the munchies you should feed your apetite with all of your favorite snacks.

For the farting you should include some fart free beans with your snacks, you can find these in any of your local grocery store. As for the belching who wants to prevent that from happening it is so cool. I know people that can belch to just about any show tune. 

There it is I have officially created my own flu, now all I have to do is start spreading it around and hopefully with in a short time it will become a full blown pandemic that will out do all other flu’s of the past.